Thursday Meeting – Paul Mortfield “Hunting Exoplanets” and Armchair Astronomy Sampler

Guest Speaker: Paul Mortfield who will talk about “Hunting Exoplanets”. (Hint…. We have the tools to do this at our observatory).

Paul is a computer scientist by day and astronomer by night. Paul is the current President of RASC Toronto and Director of the David Dunlop Observatory. He is a long time owner of a remote observatory located high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. His recent astronomy interests have gone beyond taking pretty pictures and now include discovery of new celestial bodies in and beyond our own galaxy.

Armchair Astronomy “Sampler”

What is that? It’s a regular monthly event (check out our event calendar) that is one of the most entertaining ways to spend an evening and we want you all to get a taste of what you are missing. It also happens to be the ONLY astronomy event that happens rain or shine!

Don’t miss this fun evening!

8:00 PM, the Royal Canadian Legion, 79 Hamilton St. N., Waterdown, ON

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