April’s Orbit is ready!

The latest edition of our newsletter, Orbit, is now available for public download.  As always, we post it first on our Forum a few days early to give members the first opportunity to read the exciting things going on at the club.

This month’s edition contains the following articles:
Page 2   – A message from the President by Gary Bennett
Page 3   – Chile, Te Amo by Roger Hill
Page 6   – It Was “Worth the Drive to Acton”: Girl Guides’ Astronomy Lesson    by Ed Mizzi
Page 7   –  The Chil 26th Hamilton Cub Pack visits the Observatory    by Ed Mizzi
Page 8  – Observatory Night – March 11, 2016: by Ed Mizzi
Page 9  – Aldebaran Occultation, Sunday, April 10, 2016
Page 10 – Gravitational Wave Astronomy Will Be The Next Great Scientific Frontier By Ethan Siegel
Page 11   – What you missed last month… words by Roger Hill, pictures by Ed Mizzi
Page 12 – Calendar, Planets, Addresses, Maps and Board of Directors info.

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