Club Directors – 2023/2024

The Hamilton branch of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s (RASC) 2023/24 Board of directors are:

President: Andy Blanchard
I have been an avid amatuer astronomer most of my life. A member of Hamilton RASC for about 25 years. I equally enjoy visual astronomy as I enjoy Astrophotography. I believe there is no greater reward in our hobby than sharing our knowledge. If I am asked to show the sky, you will have my undivided attention.
Vice-President: Victor Abraham

My career background has mainly been in corporate learning & development, particularly in finance. I’ve always been fascinated with the night sky and the natural world. I remember having a few really bad telescopes when I was younger, but luckily, the spark of curiosity has led me back to astronomy. In fact I’m a big believer in DIY and making the hobby accessible on a budget. I’m proud to have built or modified parts of my equipment and happy to help anyone looking to do the same.
Treasurer and Librarian: Jane Tumbin
I discovered a passion for astronomy about 10 years ago, when borrowing a telescope from my father.  I eventually acquired my own telescope and have been addicted to observing the night sky ever since!  I have previously focused on visual astronomy but am now starting to venture into astrophotography.  I have taken several online astronomy courses and enjoy reading any space-related material I can get my hands on.  I even attended a rocket launch at the Kennedy Space Center in 2022!Contact:
Executive & Recording Secretary: Erin Vassair
I have been fascinated with the moon ever since I was a child. Now that I have my own telescope, I can share my love of the moon with others, and offer a close up look at all the shadows and craters our beautiful moon has to offer. Outreach is one of my favourite things to participate in, as I love seeing the joy on people’s faces when they see the moon, a planet, or star through a telescope for the first time.
Membership: Jeff Parsons
Maintenance Director (Observatory and Grounds): Bruce Cornelius
Outreach: Victor Abraham
Social Media Co-ordinator: Debbie Wang

I’m very new to astronomy: I was only introduced to it about a year ago! I really enjoy visual astronomy, learning about cosmology, and I’m hoping to try out some astrophotography! I love listening to people speak about astronomy, so feel free to approach me out of nowhere and start talking!
National Council Rep: Currently vacant

Webmaster: John Devonshire

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