About Us

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is Canada’s leading astronomy organization with over 5000 amateurs, educators and professionals.  Hamilton astronomy enthusiasts, as well as those in Halton Region, are served by our chapter.

Astronomy meeting in Hamilton and Halton

Hamilton RASC holds monthly meetings for astronomy enthusiasts in Hamilton and Halton Region.

The Hamilton Centre of the RASC is one of 28 non-profit centres across Canada. Originally founded as the Hamilton Astronomical Society in 1901, and later established as a RASC Centre in 1908, it remains one of the longest standing scientific organizations in the greater Hamilton region.  Although we are referred to as the Hamilton chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society, we serve members in Hamilton and Halton Regions.

You will find your membership in our club to be an entertaining, educational, and rewarding experience. Learn from seasoned astronomers, and share what you’ve learned with beginners. Our club has a variety of telescopes available for your use and advice from other members will help you make the best choices when you are ready to buy your own.

Many of our members have enjoyed astronomy as a hobby for years, and in many cases, decades.  As a club, we strive to not only build a sense of community among our members, but also provide opportunities for all aspects of the hobby, whether it be casual stargazing to serious astronomical research.

In the coming months and years we are setting our sights on some new and exciting projects for our club. Stay tuned to find out what we have is store!


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