Friday Night Sights

Saturday Oct 28 Is a NO Go

Thank you for everyone who came out in 2023 for a Friday Night Sights event. We look forward to seeing you when we start up again in the spring!

Hamilton RASC is pleased to announce that we are now holding weekly observing gatherings at our observatory. This is open to both members and the general public. Club members will be on hand who can provide guests with a little background on the club and the night sky, and will be able to show different objects in the night sky.

Visitors are encouraged to arrive during evening twilight so that people’s night vision is not greatly affected. The club will have access available to multiple telescopes, including our 16 inch centerpiece. In addition, people are wlecome to bring their own telescopes to join in with the observations.

The gathering is free for members and the general public, although donations to help with the maintenance are appreciated.

This page, along with our other social media sites, will let you know whether our weekly Friday “Night Lights” is a Go or a No-Go for the Friday evening and will be updated in the afternoon of the event. If the event is a “NO-go”, then the rain date will be the Saturday. Again, a “Go” or “No-go” will be issued that afternoon.

The “Friday Night Lights” runs through until the end of October.

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