Introducing the New Club Library!

Our club library has now entered the 21st century with an online database, accessible by everyone.  All of the club books are now visible online at  With the books available to browse online, a new lending system will be inaugurated to accommodate members and promote accessibility.  The new system will be run through the email address



  1. The member will email library address with the title and author of the book they wish to borrow
  2. Within 48 hours, the librarian will respond notifying the member if the book is available
  3. If the book is not available, the member can request to hold the book and be emailed when the book is returned to the library
  4. Once the book is available, the date and time for pickup will be arranged
    • Members can arrange for books to be brought to club meetings for pick up
  5. Member can return books at club meetings or arrange a time to drop off the book


Members are also encouraged to email their reviews of the books which will be visible on the online catalog.


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