November Orbit Now Available

10 months of the year, Roger Hill puts together Orbit, the monthly newsletter for Hamilton RASC.  The November edition is now available to the general public.

In this edition, Roger reveals that he plans to step down from the editor’s chair and have someone new take this on.  With great edition after great edition being put together by Roger, he will be a tough act to follow.

In this month’s edition, available here, there are a number of great articles:

Page 2  – Editorial by Roger Hill
Page 3  – What’s up in the November Sky from Troy McCoy
Page 4  – November’s Dance of the Planets By Jane Houston Jones and David Prosper
Page 5  – Grinning-Skull Asteroid Set to Whiz by Earth
Page 6  – Fall 2018 Observatory Clean Up  – Gavin Hill
Page 7  – Astronomy Outreach at Milton Public Library—Abigail Hughes
Page 8  – NOVA evolves! – Roger Hill
Page 10 – Over The Moon Book Review – This month by Abigail Hughes
Page 11 – RIP Kepler: NASA’s Legendary Planet Hunting Space Telescope is Dead
Page 12 – Addresses, Maps and Board of Directors info.

Be sure to download your copy today.  If you are interested in getting this earlier in the month, become a member of RASC today!

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