September’s Meeting – or How I Spent My Summer!

After a couple of months hiatus where we had an amazing summer for observing, it was time for everybody to congregate again and share their summer stories.

President Gary Bennett opened the proceedings with a great review of some of the amazing star parties he went to this year (along with many other club members), and marvelled at how many great nights of observing and imaging everybody was able to get it.  From StarFest to Black Forest, each event was well attended and benefitted from great weather.  Gary also encouraged others to come to some of these star parties, as they are an incredible opportunity to meet new people and get to look through some really cool equipment!

Chris Talpas then shared some of his pictures from his time up in Tobermory this summer (including the article’s feature photo).  We also got to see some of the great new equipment the club has m101purchased with proceeds from AstroCATS, and these new telescopes will be great additions to our Outreach program.  Gary reminded us all that Outreach is a lot of fun, and that those who volunteer invariably get just as much out of showing the general public the night sky as those who are looking through the scopes for the very first time!

Next up was Andy Blanchard.  Andy had the opportunity to go to Starmus this year in the Canary Islands, where he heard a number of amazing speakers, including Nobel Prize winners, astronauts and a number of other high profile individuals.  Andy shared some of his photos and stories about one of the most incredible experiences of his life.

Andy was also honored this summer with an asteroid being named after him (Asteroid (21336) Andyblanchard). For those interested in finding his asteroid, you can get its ephemeris by typing in 21336 here.

Gary Colwell then gave the group a primer on the 2017 total solar eclipse that will traverse the Continental US on August 21, 2017.  He provided some great information on how to safely view the eclipse, and gave some suggestions on the best places to view the eclipse.

President Gary concluded the evening’s events with a reminder that next month is the Annual Meeting, where a new Board will be selected.  He encouraged everyone to consider volunteering within the club to start up and host various activities based on our own personal interests within the club.

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