Outreach with the 1st St. George Pathfinders

by Ed Mizzi

On March 31, 2017, Ed Mizzi visited a Girl Guide troop in St. George, about a 30 minute drive West of Waterdown. Twelve members of their group were having a sleepover in a local Church with the theme being “Galactic Adventures”. They had previously discovered the Hamilton RASC website and invited Ed to speak with them about all things astronomy, with the goal of achieving their astronomy badge.

Ed arrived at 7:00 pm, got set up and spent over 2 hours with the Guides. They viewed several slides while discussing topics from our Solar System to the Universe and beyond. They were also engaged in fun activities, with prizes available and some serious discussion about the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligent life. Unfortunately, the sky did not cooperate so there was no opportunity to peer through the Dobsonian scope that Ed had taken to the event, but he was able to explain how telescopes worked and how to view the heavens with naked eyes, binoculars and telescopes.

It was an eventful and fulfilling night for all involved and Ed offered to return some day when the skies were clear.

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