April’s Orbit Now Available to the Public

As is customary, Hamilton RASC members get to read Orbit before we publish it on our website.  This month, Roger has collected and produced a number of fine articles about current topics in the world of astronomy.

With all the talk of the exciting announcement of the TRAPPIST-1 system a couple of months ago, some people have speculated what it would look like if you were on one of these planets.

Roger has also found a couple of great articles talking about how astronomy is a great way to get people interested in the sciences, and a great article discussing the issues surrounding the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) initiative.

Ed Mizzi has also contributed a couple of great articles about the “Astronomy on Tap” event in Toronto last month, as well as a synopsis of the March meeting.

Finally, Roger has included a couple of great pictures taken during the Aldebaran grazing/occultation last month.

Be sure to download the newsletter today, and if you aren’t a Hamilton RASC member and enjoy these publications as much as we love producing them, maybe it is time you joined to experience all the benfits of membership!!

Page  2 – Editorial by Roger Hill
Page  3 – What It’s Like on a TRAPPIST-1 Planet By Marcus Wooo
Page  4 – Astronomy—The Gateway Drug to Science 
Page  6 – Seeking higher ground to search the heavens by Ivan Semeniuk
Page  9 – Astronomy on TAP, by Ed Mizzi   
Page 10 – Hamilton Centre RASC, March 2, 2017: “Monthly Meeting” By Ed Mizzi
Page 12 – Addresses, Maps and Board of Directors info.


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