October’s Orbit – Love Beneath the Stars

This month’s issue of Orbit is now available to the general public, and features a marriage proposal by one of our members on the cover.  You can read about the story that led to the cover image in this month’s issue.

Along with this great story is a farewell to a beloved science mission – the Cassini probe and its 13 year mission came to an end in September.

Ed Mizzi and his Outreach team share a labour of love bringing astronomy to the general public, and this month’s issue talks about their experience with the team at L3 Wescam.

We also read about Ed and the other love of his life, his wife, and their solar eclipse trip this past summer.

This month’s edition has an interview with an astrophysicist located at the world’s most remote telescope in the Atacama desert in Chile, proving astronomers will go to the ends of the Earth for their love of the skies.

Of course, love can also hurt, which made the summary of our September meeting’s topic “How the Cosmos will Kill You”, a fitting end to another of Roger’s amazing jobs as editor.

Be sure to download the issue and enjoy!  Remember, RASC members have access to these great issues as soon as they become available!

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