October 2017 Monthly Meeting

 by Ed Mizzi

On Oct. 5, 2017, the Hamilton Centre met for its regular monthly meeting. Attendance was very good with about 30 people present and everyone was excited about the election and eclipse stories.

Gary Bennett began the proceedings with a welcome to everyone, especially new members and visitors.

He announced that this was our Annual General Meeting at which time we elect a new Board of Directors. In addition, we would hear members’ accounts of their solar eclipse experiences.

Gary introduced Bob Prociuk, Board member, whose portfolio includes memberships. Bob discussed the benefits of being a member of both the Hamilton Centre and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. He displayed a screen slide with the names of the newest members, including Keith Allman, Doug Legge, Barbara McCoy, Christine Whitlock and the Yurichuk Family (Alexandra, Jason, Robert). Welcome!

Then Ed Mizzi discussed outreach and also encouraged members to participate in these fun and enjoyable activities with the public. He displayed photos of the Moon taken by Erin Vassair using a smart phone and her telescope, which she also used at an event in July. He listed several events that occurred over the past year, especially the most recent events, including the July 29 Sidewalk Astronomy session at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington, where Gary Bennett, Roger Hill, Bob Prociuk, Erin Vassair, Martin Palenik and Ed Mizzi wowed passersby with views of the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon, Bob Prociuk’s solar eclipse event on Aug. 21, a visit to the St. George Library by Ron Shields, Bob Prociuk and Ed Mizzi and the first ever corporate event, at L3 WESCAM in Burlington, where Ron Shields, Troy McCoy and Ed Mizzi wowed 50 – 60 engineers with views of the Moon, Saturn and other heavenly bodies. Hopefully 2017/2018 will see similar fun events, with more members participating.

Next, Gary Bennett did his thank you and goodbye speech as he stepped down as president to allow for someone new to take the reins. Gary thanked each and every Board member, highlighting each of their skills and contributions to the club. He talked about the many achievements the club has made over the past two years, as well as work that still has to be accomplished and challenges we face in the near and distant future. Andy Blanchard arose to thank Gary, on behalf of the entire club, for his dedication and commitment to the Hamilton Centre. And of course, Gary offered to continue as a Board member, helping the club grow in any way that he could. Thanks Gary!!!

Roger Hill was invited to take the floor to walk us through and proceed with the election. Roger explained the procedure and after the Board members were officially declared, all 9 of them left the room to discuss portfolios. They returned to announce the four designated positions, Secretary Chris Talpas, Treasurer Bill Leggett, Vice President Bob Prociuk and President Ed Mizzi. Another 3 directors were added at that time. It was announced that the first Board of Directors meeting would occur at 8 PM on Wednesday, Nov. 8, at the Observatory. All club members are welcome to attend.

After a short break, Gary introduced those with solar eclipse stories, including Ed Mizzi, Muhammad Basil Ahmad and Colin Haig. Each experience was different, yet they all exuded a sense of happiness and excitement that they had travelled great distances but that it was well worth the trips.

Next meeting…Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 8:00 PM. Royal Canadian Legion Hall, Waterdown.


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