November Orbit – 50 volumes in!

The latest edition of Orbit is now publicly available here, and it is indeed a special edition.  This is the first issue of our 50th volume, and the 99th to be edited by Roger Hill.  As always, our members get the first opportunity to read Orbit, so be sure to join!

In this month’s issue, find out more about life at the world’s most remote telescopes with this month’s article on the South Pole Telescope.  Roger has also found an interesting article discussing the next Mars Rover, and another about the iconic Smith Rock total eclipse photo.

Roger also treats us to some Hallowe’en themed astro images to help us celebrate the season, along with a true trick or treat article of a telescope running over a car (yes, you read that right)!

As always, there is a brief synopsis of the monthly meeting for those who were unable to attend, or did not know that the general public is welcome to join us!

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