A “Chip” Off the Old Block

by Ed Mizzi

Well, all that’s left of the trees that were cut down earlier this year is a nice soft layer of wood chips spread out over part of our observatory parking lot.

That’s what happens when you get 13 busy “beavers” working for almost 4 hours on a cool and damp Saturday in November, along with a chipper, chainsaw and a few rakes and shovels. Andy Blanchard was kind enough to pick up the chipper and once we got started there was no stopping us. While people were feeding logs into the chipper, Troy McCoy was cutting down a few more trees and others were dragging those pieces out of the bush. Still others were spreading out the finished material with rakes and shovels. In fact, we had enough help that a few of us also did a total cleanup of the “warm-room” and reorganized it to make the space more useable for meetings and outreach.

As he did in the Spring, Andy provided a delicious lunch of hamburgers, buns, chips, drinks and tasty condiments and Dilip Mahto treated us to TH doughnuts. Thank you both. I also wish to thank Gary Bennett for posting announcements about this and Bob Prociuk for his fabulous organizational skills.

On behalf of the Hamilton Centre, I want to thank and congratulate those who participated, including:

Muhammad Ahmad
Dilip Mahto
Gary Bennett
Troy McCoy
Andy Blanchard
Ed Mizzi
Rick Cudmore
Mike Pell
Bob Prociuk
Ron Shields
Robert Levesque
Bill Leggitt
Brian Kent

I also wish to thank Martin Palenik who came out on the same day to work on the 14” scope, with help from Gary Bennett and Ron Shields. Martin has been working hard to get that scope working so members can make use of it.

I’m sure that all involved would agree that it was a very rewarding and enjoyable experience and I encourage all club members to get involved in any way you can. These truly are feel-good activities.

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