March Orbit Now Available

The March Orbit is now available to the general public!  Our Orbit newsletter, published 10 times a year, is available to members of the club at the beginning of every month. We then make it available to everybody else later in the month.

This month’s issue covers a wide range of topics

Page  2 – Editorial by Roger Hill
Page  3 – What’s up in the March Night Sky by Troy McCoy
Page  4 – What Is the Ionosphere? By Linda Hermans-Killiam
Page  5 – Heavy M.E.T.U.L. Night #2 by Roger Hill
Page  6 – From Orbit, April 2008: Some things I learned in Chile by Roger Hill
Page  7 – The era of extremely large telescopes by Jeff Foust
Page  9 – Outreach in January by Ed Mizzi
Page 10 – February 2018 Monthly Meeting by Ed Mizzi
Page 12 – Addresses, Maps and Board of Directors info.

Feel free to download your copy today!

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