METUL Night #2 had something for everyone

The Hamilton RASC Messier, Explore The Universe, Luna (METUL) night #2 was a great example of why these events are so amazing.  First off was a visit within our solar system as Venus was seen, followed by Mercury.

When the sky got darker, some Dobsonians were brought out, and a first time visitor to the Observatory was given a quick lesson on how easy they are to use, and the great views they provide.  M42 in Orion, and M45 in Taurus were the showpiece objects.

Before any more could be done, though, the clouds rolled in and we put the scopes away and closed the observatory roof.

There was a bit of discussion and chat in the main building afterwards that was most enjoyable.

The next one will be on Friday, April 20th.

With the Sun setting later and later, we figured we would try for a Friday evening for the next METUL evening, so people can stay later if they wish.  The gates will open at 7:30pm, and we can convene at around 8 where there will be hand-outs for the evenings viewing.

This night has a 5 day old Moon in the sky, with Orion sinking in the west.  Venus will be visible early on, with The Realm of the Galaxies coming once it gets dark.

The ETU folks can look for three of the 12 constellations they need: Ursa Major, Leo and Bootes, for instance.

The Leo Trio should be good, as well, along with M51 – the Whirlpool in Canes Venatici.  Some of the deep sky objects in Ursa Major, like the Owl Nebula could be visible, although the Moon may interfere early on.

As always, everyone is welcome.  Complete directions to the Observatory can be found on our website at

If you bring your own telescope, park on the north side of the parking lot (to your left as you drive in).Dress warmly, bring a clipboard, a couple of pencils, and one of those Canadian Tire headlamp
flashlights that has a red LED setting.

See you in the dark!

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