June 3rd – Public Astronomy Event is a GO for tonight!

The summer sky offers lots of great objects to see, and on Saturday, June 3, we will be at an astronomy event where the public can come and look through our telescopes! We’ll be starting during the daylight so our first target will be the currently very active sun. Once it gets darker we’ll be hunting for the much talked about supernova in the M101 galaxy.

Public Astronomy Sessions – What to expect.

**This event runs from 6pm to 10:30pm and is weather dependant**
Final GO / NO GO decision between 12-2pm the day of the event.


Bronte Heritage Park (2340 Ontario St, Oakville, ON L6L 6P7)

We’ll be set up along the path, in the half circle, shown in the image.

Our members will have their personal telescopes and equipment set up for public viewing and ALL are welcome on the fundamental principle that astronomy is for everyone with respect, dignity and safety.
Note: Experienced astronomers should take note that public astronomy sessions are based on the principles of sidewalk astronomy and to expect visitors to touch and use their equipment.

-Before using a telescope, make sure someone is supervising it to make sure it is on target. Only touch or operate a telescope with permission.
-Dress for ten degrees below the expected temperature minimum.
-There is no electricity supplied at this time so bring your own power source if needed.
-Noise levels should be minimal as this is a public space near residences.
-No smoking or vaping as per Oakville by-laws in Oakville public parks. 

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