Interstellar Ella – A New TVO Astronomy for Kids Show

Interstellar Ella is a new 3D animated educational series for kids aged 4-7, set in space that will stimulate interest and increase knowledge of science – especially for children who are interested in space and astronomy. 

The year is 3021. The place is the Milky Way, somewhere between Jupiter and Mars. Eight-year-old Ella is on a space station and heads out with her besties, Slippy and Madhu on exciting adventures.  Ella already knows quite a bit about space…but there is always more to explore! From surfing supernovas, riding comets to racing Moon Scooters around Saturn’s rings, Ella is constantly discovering outer space and her own identity on these fun-filled adventures.

You can check out the English-language trailer here:

Each episode is filled with great science for people to discover about our atmosphere. From how Jupiter has 79 moons to the power of Black Holes and how stars are created from clouds of gas and dust called nebulae.

The Montreal-based production behind Interstellar Ella is called Apartment 11 Productions. They make award-winning quality kids’ programming for broadcasters including TVO, CBC, YTV, BBC and Nickelodeon. Please feel free to check out more about the company and their productions at:

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