Hamilton RASC Visits Canadian Martyrs School, Burlington

By Ed Mizzi

On April 21, Ed Mizzi paid a visit to a grade 7 & 8 class at Canadian Martyrs elementary school in North Burlington. You’ll remember that this was the school where several members of our club hosted a Transit of Mercury “party” back in May of 2016. Ed has done outreach several times at this school and has always enjoyed his visits.

The students were treated to a Q & A about our solar system and galaxy, a slide show about relative sizes of objects in our Universe, a demonstration of two planetarium computer applications, (Stellarium and Sky Safari), tips on viewing the night sky and several competitive games related to astronomy. And even though Ed was there the entire day, he still did not cover all the topics he had planned to discuss.

The students were fully engaged in the discussion and very knowledgeable in their own right. They asked intriguing questions and answered almost all of Ed’s questions.

As a result of his visit, other teachers got wind of his presentation and he is already scheduled to return to a different class in mid-May.
Ed encourages members to get involved with outreach as it is very rewarding, especially when children are involved.

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