Cubs and Beavers descend on the Observatory

By Ed Mizzi

On Monday, April 24, a group of almost 20 Scouts, mostly Cubs and Beavers (ages 6-11) from Dundas were hosted by Ed Mizzi at the observatory. Ed was contacted by Bill Kowalchyk from Scouts Canada, looking for something astronomy related and he remembered that he had visited our club more than once in the past. The boys, leaders and parents arrived at just before 7:00 pm and the last visitors left at 9:45 pm, with stragglers wanting just one more look at Jupiter.

Ed began with a full house in the classroom and, using one of his slide shows, discussed topics ranging from the solar system and our galaxy to the universe and tips on viewing the night sky. Both the scouts and chaperones were fully engaged in the conversation and there were several interesting questions asked by the scouts. Ed also demonstrated how to use a planisphere (sky chart) as well as binoculars and the best ways to approach naked eye viewing.

Luckily, when it did finally get dark, the skies cleared and everyone was treated to a view of Jupiter and 4 of its moons through an 8” Dob. There were lots of oohs and awes and many viewers requested a second look.
It was an exciting and fulfilling night for all involved and Ed is hoping that it will inspire them to look UP more often, especially at night.

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