April Astronomy Book Review – The Planets

In this month’s book review, Librarian Bruce Murray reviews “The Planets”.

“The Planets”, by Andrew Cohen with Professor Brian Cox is a fascinating and beautifully illustrated book that explores our solar system and its various planets in great detail. The authors take the us on an
incredible journey through space and time, uncovering the secrets and mysteries of
our neighboring planets.

The book is divided into eight chapters, each one dedicated to a different planet in
our solar system. From the scorching hot Mercury to the icy Pluto, the authors
provide a wealth of information about each planet’s physical characteristics,
geological history, and potential for extraterrestrial life. They also delve into the
history of space exploration, sharing insights into the discoveries made by NASA
and other space agencies.

One of the things that stands out about “The Planets” is its beautiful illustrations.
The book features stunning photographs of each planet taken by various
spacecraft, as well as detailed illustrations and diagrams that help readers
understand the various processes and features of each planet.

Highly Recommended!

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