Bass-ackwards Tips to Better Astrophotography

By Gary Colwell

Does astrophotography scare the livin’ daylights out of you?…Confused over things like/…T-Point”….plate solve?.. dynamic range?????…..well.. For me…T pointing is going to the grocery store and pointing at a tea display…..and plate solving is figuring out how many place settings you need for Christmas Dinner!

In my presentation I have thrown caution to the wind….and given you my “ Easy” steps to astrophotography….and every image in this presentation was taken using this process.  Now I know that true diehard astrophotographers would like to pull off a  “Galileo” with me and burn me at the stake….but if you want to get a quick start to astrophotography…you might want to try this out!

If you are interested in getting a copy of the full presentation, email me.  If you do not have my email address, contact me via email.  A sneak peek is included below!

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