The C14 is back!

Thanks to the determined work of member Martin Palenik, our Celestron Edge 14” telescope is back up and running.

Martin worked on the scope’s Celestron CGE Pro mount for several weeks as it had incurred circuit board issues. He was very excited when he finally completed that work and was ready to remount everything at the observatory. He had to order a new main motor board but he saved the club hundreds of dollars since we did not have to send the whole mount to Celestron in the U.S.A.

So Martin, Dilip Mahto and I met at the observatory on March 22, to help get the heavy mount and OTA back onto the pier. Once we got the OTA and mount affixed, we connected a Telrad, finder scope and guider scope. And then we spent several hours getting the scope talking to the hand controller and computer. Martin was the brains of the operation and we were the brawn (and go-fors) and it worked out wonderfully.

Of course, with a clear sky above us, it was tough not spending time using such a beautiful piece of equipment, so we pointed it at the Moon and several other objects. With an aperture of 355mm (14″), a focal length of 3910mm (154″) and a focal ratio of f/11 it is a fine instrument with which to view the night sky.

The feeling we had was similar to getting a new toy for Christmas and what a toy!!!

Club members, after proper training, are now welcome to use this new and improved addition to our observatory. But don’t forget that we also still have the 16” scope available, as well as 2 – 10” Dobsonian scopes and 3 loaner 8” Dobsonian telescopes.

See you at the observatory. And kudos to Martin.

By Ed Mizzi

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