Outreach Visits L3 WESCAM

by Ed Mizzi

On the evening of September 26, 2017, three HRASC members, Ronald Shields, Troy McCoy and Ed Mizzi, visited the L3 WESCAM facility on the North Service Road in Burlington, ON.

As many of you may know, WESCAM develops and manufactures stabilized imaging systems for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, to support military, homeland security, and law enforcement markets.

WESCAM invited HRASC to be a part of one of their monthly talks to their own employees, in an effort to broaden their horizons and develop social interaction among the workers, many of whom are engineers and optics experts. One of their employees, Ryan Newson is an amateur astronomer and an expert in the field of optics. He gave a one hour talk about astronomy, interjected by comments form Ed Mizzi, primarily about our club. There were at least 50 WESCAM employees at the event and after the slide show they were treated to views of the Moon, Saturn, Andromeda and several other objects, in addition to learning about the different types of telescopes available to the public.

As well as Ed, Ronald and Troy, Bill Leggitt and Muhammad Basil Ahmad had also volunteered, but WESCAM wanted only 3 visitors. So thanks to all those stepped forward to help.

We invited the WESCAM participants to join us at a monthly meeting and email us if they have any other questions about astronomy and related topics.

Ed Mizzi, our Outreach Coordinator, strongly encourages all members to get involved in Outreach. It is very rewarding, easy to do and tonnes of fun.

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