Next Monthly Meeting – Thursday February 1 – Fraser Cain of Universe Today

Please join us in person or on Zoom for the next general meeting on Feb 1 2024 at 8pm. Our special guest speaker is Fraser Cain the publisher of The Universe Today and co-publisher of Astronomy Cast. Follow the link to his podcasts, Youtube videos and newsletters here.

A Canadian amateur astronomer, for over 20 years Fraser has been communicating through podcasts, Youtube, and newsletters. He  interviews professional astronomers, publishes space news, has Space Bites Q&As with his subscribers etc. His greatest attributes are his breadth of knowledge and his ability to uncover fascinating topics before others do.

The presentation with Fraser will be an interactive one. We need your questions for Fraser, now, in advance of the meeting on any astronomy related topic (eg Space X, dark matter, Planetary expeditions, search of extraterrestrial life, kilonovas, multi-modal astronomy etc). Send your questions now to Jeff Parsons at and they will be forwarded to Fraser to answer during his presentation. See you on Feb 1 8pm!

For directions to the meeting, please visit this page.

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