May Orbit available

As is our custom, the monthly publication of the Hamilton chapter of RASC is being made available to the general public after the regular membership has had an opportunity to see it.

This month, you can read about:

Page 2  – Editorial by Roger Hill
Page 3  – A Sidewalk Astronomy Experience—Tom Field
Page 4  – NASA Night Sky Notes: Watching the Late Spring Skies By David Prosper
Page 5  – Heavy M.E.T.U.L. Night #10: FRIDAY May 10, 2019
Page 6  – Astronomy Outreach Strategies – Captivating 3 to 107-Year-Olds By Tom Vassos
Page 9  – Carrying the Shuttle Home — Triple Nickel, NASA Pilot
Page 11 – Humour!
Page 12 – Two exquisite Lunar eclipse pictures.

Download your copy today!

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