May Monthly Meeting Review – Cassini and Saturn!

On May 3, 2018, the Hamilton Centre met for its regular monthly meeting. There were about 50 people present, including some from the general public, and we had a full and varied agenda.

Ed Mizzi began the proceedings with a welcome to everyone. He displayed a slide with the agenda on it and briefly introduced the topics for the meeting.

Guest Speaker

First up was the guest speaker, Paul Delaney, and Ed asked Troy McCoy to introduce Paul, who is the Director of the York University Observatory and long-time passionate astronomy communicator. Paul gave a wonderful talk about Saturn and the Cassini Mission and used very descriptive slides and analogies to bring his talk to life. Paul has spoken to our club on a number of occasions and never fails to entertain and educate those in attendance.

We then took a 10 minute break during which people had a chance to chat, purchase banquet tickets and get to know each other.

Club Activities

Ed took the floor once more and discussed the benefits of club membership. He mentioned that the observatory had been cleaned up under the leadership of member Dilip Mahto and asked that visitors help maintain it. Ed also talked about the C14 and that Martin Palenik and he would soon be offering a tutorial on how to use this great telescope. He displayed 2 deep-sky images taken (by Martin) with the C14 to display the scope’s abilities.

Ed next mentioned the open house at our RASC National Centre. All members and the public are invited to attend the new RASC Archive open house on May 12, 2018, between 1 and 4 PM.

Ed, on behalf of Membership Director Bob Prociuk, gave an update on new members. The latest to join include a family of four; Lizzie, Ricardo, Samanta and Patrick Urrutia. Welcome to Hamilton Centre RASC.

Ed reported that there are two outreach events on the books, involving Girl Guide groups, one on June 2 and the other on June 22. Members are welcome and encouraged to help with these fun events.

Ed then did a What’s UP in May report by using a short video describing objects and events occurring during the month of May, including bright Venus and Jupiter.

Roger Hill was next with a report about his initiative “Heavy M.E.T.U.L.” observing at our observatory. He has had 3 successful nights with the next one planned for May 18, 2018. All members and the public are welcome.

Roger then called up Samuel Crane to present him with an Exploring the Universe certificate in recognizing Samuel’s work in identifying more than 55 astronomical objects. Congratulations to Samuel.

Ed then invited Bernd Mueller up so that he could speak about 2 amazing images he took, one of M42 (Orion Nebula) and the Running Man and the other of a comet. Thank you Bernd for sharing your talents with us.

Ed then advertised our banquet, on October 13, 2018 with guest speaker James Edgar. Get your tickets soon by simply contacting any Director. Only $35 each.

Colin Haig, National President reminded the club about the 2018 National Assembly in Calgary and encouraged everyone to read our online Journal and newsletters. He also mentioned RASC`s plan to erect an observatory in the SW U.S. but that extra funding would be needed.  He also asked that we keep James Edgar in our thoughts following serious surgery.

Next Meeting

Next, Ed previewed the June speaker, David Clark, from the London Centre RASC. He will speak about his insight on a number of solar system topics.

Ed then adjourned the meeting but not before informing members of three upcoming meetings:

– May Board meeting, at the observatory, May 10, 8 PM. All members are welcome.

– June Monthly meeting, at the Legion, June 7, 8 PM. Members and the Public are welcome.

– June Board meeting, at the observatory, June 14, 8 PM. All members are welcome.

Thanks to all who attended.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM.

by Ed Mizzi

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