May 5 Members Meeting – 2 Guest Speakers – Dr. James Wadsley – “The Secret Life of Galaxies” – Chris Talpas, “Stellar Evolution”

Join us on May 5 @ 8:00 PM – Open to the public


We are blessed with 2 Guest Speakers on May 5:


Guest Speaker: Dr. James Wadsley, Associate Professor, Astrophysics (Theoretical), McMaster University

Topic: The Secret Life of Galaxies


About Dr. Wadsley: I am a computational astrophysicist — I make computer simulations of things that take millions of years to unfold on the sky.  My presentation of "the secret lives of galaxies" will demonstrate the evolution of a galaxy in both what we see and in ways we can’t observe over the full age of the universe. 



Guest Speaker: Chris Talpas – “Stellar Evolution”


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