March Meeting Announcement – Is anyone out there?

Join us on Thursday, March 7 at 8pm to hear our own Dr. Chris Talpas discuss the possibility of extra-terrestrial life.

“Is there anyone out there? : -Some thoughts on the likelihood of
finding technological alien life” talks about The Fermi Paradox -Given the vast number of stars, why don’t we see signs of intelligent life?

This talk looks at the possible obstacles that stand in the way of a species
achieving the ability to journey to the stars using our own as an example.
Starting with being in the right neighbourhood, we then look at the
likelihood of finding life based on our admittedly small sample size of 1.

What about the ‘Rare Earth’ hypothesis?  It’s a dangerous world and the
various mass extinction events that nearly wiped us out are explored.  Is
intelligence enough or are there other developments that are required to
advance and what filters potentially lie ahead.  Finally, we look at some
efforts at detecting intelligent life.

For directions to the meeting, please visit this page.

Chris’s interest in astronomy started young joining the Windsor of RASC when
he was in grade 6 and staying active through university.  He later rejoined
RASC at the Hamilton Centre around 2013 and served on the Board from 2015 to
2018.    While originally wanting to an astrophysicist until late high
school, he also fell in love with chemistry and biology  eventually getting
a Ph.D in Biochemistry.  Chris has previously given talks to the centre on a
range of topics including the history of the telescope,  stellar evolution,
radio astronomy and near earth objects.

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