June’s Orbit – Required Summer Reading

The last issue of Orbit before the summer break has been made available for public viewing, and it is a great one!

With the solar eclipse approaching this summer, Roger talks about his personal experiences over the years, and we even find out how a solar eclipse actually ended a war!

There are, as always, some interesting articles about current topics in the news.  Titan has always been a fascinating target for astronomers, and they have made some interesting discoveries about the methane seas on the surface.  There is also a great article discussing Tabby’s Star, and some of the theories put forth to explain its puzzling behaviour.  Gary Colwell regales us with how he transformed his observatory from a moveable shed into a domed structure.

Last, but certainly not least, Ed Mizzi provides us with a great summary of the May meeting for those who missed it.

Remember, members of Hamilton RASC get to read Orbit at the beginning of the month – become a member today to get access as soon as it is published!

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