January Orbit Newsletter Now Online

Every month, Hamilton RASC puts together their monthly newsletter. Each month we make it available to members first, and then to the general public later in the month.  These newsletters contain lots of interesting articles and news, and this month is no exception.  The January issue can be downloaded from here.

The January issue contains the following:

Page  2 – Editorial by Roger Hill
Page  2 – Joy of Giving – A Little Time Is All It Takes—Gary Bennett
Page  3 – Snowy Worlds Beyond Earth By Linda Hermans-Killiam
Page  4 – Exploring Arizona: A Couple of High Points and a Little Depression by Scott Barrie
Page  7 – What We Learned (So Far) From 2017’s Total Solar Eclipse by David W. Brown
Page  8 – The January 31, 2018, Total Lunar Eclipse from North Waterdown by Roger Hill
Page  9 – December 2017 Monthly Meeting by Ed Mizzi
Page 11 – What’s up in the January Night Sky by Troy McCoy
Page 12 – Addresses, Maps and Board of Directors info. 

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