January Monthy Meeting – How we got to the Moon

Join us on Thursday, January 3 at 8pm in Waterdown to hear a talk by Dr. Ian Shelton on “How We Got to the Moon and Other Space Exploration Triumphs”

This meeting is open to the general public, so come on out!

Ian Shelton, BSc, MSc, PhD
Astronomy Lecturer, University of Toronto
Chair, David Dunlap Observatory Defenders
Dr. Shelton has spent 30 years studying variations in the brightness and the spectra of stars to learn about their structure, composition and evolution. He has taught Physics and Astronomy at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, studied the Aurora at Athabasca University in Alberta, and continues to teach Astronomy summer courses at the University of Toronto. Dr. Shelton is an honorary Lifetime Member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in recognition for his discovery of Supernova 1987A, the first supernova visible to the unaided eye since Kepler’s supernova of 1604. He has been a staff member at some of the largest observatories in the world, including the 6.5-metre MMT in Arizona and Japan’s 8.3-metre Subaru Telescope in Hawaii. As Chair of the David Dunlap Observatory Defenders (DDOD.ca), he is deeply committed to preserving the DDO and surrounding lands to ensure that the campus continues to operate as a world-class astronomical and astrophysical research facility and a centre of excellence in public outreach.

January 3, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 551
79 Hamilton Street North, 2nd floor
Waterdown, Ontario  L0R 2H0

Members of the public are welcome.

Membership Certificates

Most of you will have noticed some familiar faces around the Centre that have been here for as long as can be remembered. And have you ever wondered just how long those people have been members of the Centre? You may be surprised by the answer.

This year, your Board of Directors has decided to present Membership Certificates in recognition and acknowledgement our members’ length of time with the Centre. We feel that this would be one way to get to know who your fellow club members are – and perhaps to assist everyone with becoming a little more comfortable at the membership meetings.

Starting with the upcoming January 3rd meeting, any member who has had continuous membership for the past three years (but less than five years), will receive their certificate. Other members with their years’ length of membership will be presented at subsequent membership meetings. Naturally, all members are encouraged to attend the club’s monthly membership meetings and to participate and enjoy the wealth of programmes which have been arranged for you.

Image Credit – https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap181224.html

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