January 2017 Orbit Now Available

As is tradition, our members have first access to the monthly Orbit via our Forum. Orbit becomes available to the general public later in the month, and it is now available for January.

This month’s great issue includes a number of great outreach events that were conducted by our members, along with some interesting articles about doing professional photometry with a consumer camera, a tribute to the WISP program from the 1950s, the MinXSS CubeSat’s mission and the story of Orthodox Christmas’ date.

To see this month’s Orbit, click here.

Page  2 – Editorial by Roger Hill
Page  2 – Many Thanks, from Mark Pickett
Page  3 – A Visit to St. Andrew Elementary School, Oakville by Ed Mizzi
Page  4 – Outreach at Pearson High School—From Ed Mizzi and Bob Prociuk
Page  5 – Professional Photometry with a Consumer Camera by Gudmundur Stefansson
Page  7 – The Right Stuff, the Wrong Sex, by Brandon Keim from Wired
Page  9 – Big Science in Small Packages By Marcus Woo
Page 10 – Hamilton Centre RASC, December 1, 2016: “Monthly Meeting” By Ed Mizzi
Page 11 – Orthodox Christmas from SkyCaramba
Page 12 – Addresses, Maps and Board of Directors info.

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