Outreach Visits 4 Schools in January

The Hamilton Centre had a busy Outreach schedule in January, 2018.

Four different schools in the Hamilton & Halton regions benefitted from our expertise in helping young people explore the universe.

Queen Victoria School

Queen Victoria School

On January 11, the grade 6 students at Queen Victoria Elementary School in Hamilton were treated to a two hour session that included a slide show, discussion and astronomy activity games. See photo.

On Jan. 16, the grade 11 Physical Geography class at Christ the King Secondary School in Georgetown was exposed to fascinating information about the solar system and its wide variety of objects, from planets to comets and everything in between. It gave them a sense of why studying other bodies (planetary science)can help us better understand the physical nature of planet Earth.

On Jan. 19, at St. Ignatius Secondary School in Oakville, about 150 students, in 6 different grade 9 science classes, learned about the relative sizes in our solar system, galaxy and universe, through the use of slides, simulations and discussion.

Finally, on Jan. 26, the Hamilton Centre visited St. Andrew Elementary School in Oakville, where the grade 6/7 class was treated to an entire day of slide shows, simulations and activities about astronomy and the universe.

It is through programs such as these that the Hamilton Centre fulfills the mission of the RASC, i.e. “To enhance understanding of and inspire curiosity about the Universe, through public outreach, education, and support for astronomical research.”

In addition, members who volunteer and visit schools, guides, scouts and libraries, etc. will tell you just how rewarding it is to share knowledge about our great hobby and this fascinating world of astronomy. There is simply nothing more exciting than hearing the “wows” and “awes” of people, of all ages, when hearing about the universe and/or looking through a telescope at a distant object in the sky.

The Hamilton Centre invites all members to participate in these Outreach programs. All you need is a little knowledge and a few skills but a lot of energy and passion.

by Ed Mizzi


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