Hamilton Centre visits Mississauga Centre

by Ed Mizzi

Dave Dev recently invited members from the Hamilton Centre to join him for one of the Mississauga Centre’s events on Friday, Feb. 24. Dave is also a member of the Miss. Ctr. and Dave has generously given the same talks to them as he has done at our monthly meetings.

The meeting took place at the U of T Mississauga campus and those in attendance included Hamilton Members Jeff Booth, Gary Colwell, Murray Romisher, Bob Prociuk and myself. We were treated to a fascinating talk by Dr. Marianne Mader, entitled “Hunting meteorites at the End of the World”. She had visited Antarctica as part of the U.S. ANSMET (The Antarctic Search for Meteorites) program and her slide show and talk were very enlightening and entertaining.

Dr. Mader answered several questions form the audience of about 70 people and she also encouraged us to visit the ROM, where she works, as the ROM has an excellent display of meteorites of all kinds. She discussed the differences among meteorites from the Moon, Mars and the Asteroid Belt and even brought one along to show us. I was able to obtain one of her business cards and I am hoping that she will accept an invitation to our club sometime in the future. On another note, the president, Jo VandenDool of the Mississauga Centre was kind enough to advertise AstroCATS 2017 at the end of the meeting. Here is the link to the ANSMET website: http://caslabs.case.edu/ansmet/


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