February Orbit now available!

As is our custom, we are making the latest issue of Orbit available to the general public a few weeks after it is prepared and distributed to our club members.

In this month’s issue, we find the following great articles:

Page 2  – Editorial by Roger Hill
Page 3  – What’s up in the February Sky from Troy McCoy
Page 4  – NASA Night Sky Notes:  Hexagon at Night, Quartet in the Morning by David Prosper
Page 5  – Abigail Hughes reviews A Brief History of Time by Stephen W. Hawking
Page 6  – Observatory Night—Friday, January 18/Sunday 20, 2019
Page 6  – An image from Jeff Booth via The Forum
Page 7  – A MOTION TO DESIGNATE – Eric Golding
Page 9  – Monthly Meeting – January 6, 2019 from Abigail Hughes
Page 10 – The problems of being a young astronomer: A recollection from Roger Hill
Page 11 – Addresses, Maps and Board of Directors info.
Page 12 – Two exquisite Lunar eclipse pictures.

Feel free to download your copy today! If you want to receive Orbit and other great benefits from being a member, click here for more information!

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