April Club Meeting, Thursday April 6 – The Colours of the Universe, A Pigment of Your Imagination

Join us on April 6 @ 8:00 for a night of fun and astronomical delight

Open to the public!

Special Presentation: The Colours of the Universe, A Pigment of Your Imagination

We’ve all seen those beautiful photos of colourful nebulas. Some taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, others by our own club members. But, are they real or “doctored”? Why don’t we see those colours when looking through an eyepiece? What is “the Hubble Pallet”? What is “False Colour” and why we use it?

Club members Gary Colwell and Gary Bennett will unravel the mysteries of the colours of space and how our brains perceive and process colour.

Show & TellLighten Your Load Using Micro Computers (and other cool gizmos)

Some of your fellow members have already discovered how computer technology has advance to the point where a full-fledged computer has been condensed to the size of a pack of gum and uses almost no power, and only costs $180. We will “de-geekify” will unveil the hardware and show how it may become a workhorse used by amateur astronomers. This will be a “geek-speak free” presentation!



The Royal Canadian Legion, 79 Hamilton St. N, 2nd Floor, Waterdown ON

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