A Rocha Outreach: Consider the Heavens- Star Gazing Event

Where: Cedar Haven Eco-Centre in Freelton
When: Friday August 10th and Saturday August 11th
Who: Erin Vassair, Eric Golding, Abigail Hughes

What: On Friday night Erin and Eric we were able to have their telescopes out to view Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars while the volunteers chatted with the people who attended the event. There were families and people of all ages as well as adults (with varying special) needs that were driven in on a bus. There was also a fire for people to sit around and talk to one another. Everyone was very excited to see Mars and were wowed by Jupiter and Saturn. We were able to see Venus for a while as the sun was setting. Once all the guests had left, the Rocha volunteers were able to come and look through the telescopes and we had some good conversations with them about our telescopes and our personal thoughts about space and the night sky. We were even lucky enough to see a few meteors/shooting stars as this was the weekend of the Perseids meteor shower. Unfortunately, Saturday night there were thunder and rain storms but there were still a few people who attended the event in hopes that the sky would clear up. The skies did not clear but we were still able to talk to guests about the sky and how to use a star finder.

A Rocha Canada is an Environmental Stewardship organization with beliefs such as: Transforming People and Places in Southern Ontario and Inspiring Hope, Caring for Creation. https://arocha.ca/

The A Rocha organizers were very pleased that we joined them for these two nights and it was very rewarding for the 3 RASC volunteers. Proof that doing outreach is lots of fun!

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