Westfield Pioneer Village Star Party – Friday April 24th

Westfield and the Hamilton Centre are going to have another event on the evening of Friday April 24. We would like everyone with a telescope or binoculars to come out to Westfield to join in the fun. Many people have never looked through a telescope at all, and many others have limited experience of the beauty of the night sky.

We would encourage everyone to take some optical equipment because it’s going to be fun, and other people will feed off you and your enthusiasm.

The Hamilton Centre is also going to use the 131-year old Bell telescope and the Marsh mount. If you look through it, perhaps at the Moon or Jupiter, you can see how far telescope technology has progressed in 130 years. The answer may surprise you….

Westfield Heritage Village is outside of Rockton, and you can get there by Highway 6 or 8, north of Highway 5. We ask that you get there early to set up, because no cars are allowed entry after 7 o’clock. If you get there by 6:00 or 6:30, you can drive to the site, set up your telescope, and park the car off-site. If you arrive late, you can walk in.

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