Monthly General Meeting Thursday December 4, 2014 – 8:00 pm Royal Canadian Legion Waterdown ON

Guest Speaker Mr. Chris Vaughan!

A brief bio…

Mineral Exploration and Near Earth Geophysicist and Amateur Astronomer. Two time Past President of KEGS (The Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society), and member of SEG, CGU, PDAC, AGU, and RASC. I am actively engaged in Earth Science and Astronomy public outreach and education. Oh – and I love science and science fiction.


Worlds to Discover: Exploring Dwarf Planets, Mighty Moons, and the Outer Solar System

This talk will review the fascinating distant objects that planetary scientists and astronomers have been discovering and exploring in our Solar System. Real worlds that humans might one day walk upon – including the giant asteroid Ceres, dwarf planet Pluto and its retinue of dance partners (soon to be imaged for the first time), warm saltwater oceans under Europa’s icy crust, geysers on Enceladus, Titan’s earth-like geography, and dozens of large objects in the distant Kuiper Belt.

Be sure to come out and invite a friend!


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