AUG 11 Meeting – Dr. Brad Gibson on Liquid Mirror Telescopes

Dr. Brad Gibson

Liquid Mirror Telescopes: Wave of the Future (or just a ripple…?) The Hamilton RASC is proud to present Professor Brad Gibson, Head of the Department of Physics & Mathematics, and Director of the E.A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics, at the University of Hull in England.

Brad built the world’s first Liquid Mirror Telescope Observatory and designed software to map the distribution of the chemical elements throughout the Universe. He’s responsible for using exploding stars to determine the expansion rate of the Universe, as part of the Hubble Space Telescope Key Project on the Extragalactic Distance Scale, for which his team was awarded the Gruber Prize in Cosmology. He was the first to identify the locations within the Milky Way most likely to harbour complex biological life, for which his work was named by National Geographic magazine as one of the Top 10 News Stories of the Year. 

Time: Aug 11, 2022 19:30 Eastern Time (US and Canada)Meeting opens at 19:30, Guest speaker starts at 20:00
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